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Learner to verify the credentials of the trainer before signing up for the course. Trainers are recommended to put up the credentials.

School @ Globlalskool
Annual Academic Elementary Tutoring

School @ Globalskool is a specialized annual academic tutoring program for elementary grade students, that is midway between homeschooling & classical schooling. We follow a curriculum that aligns with most boards of studies. The classes are completely LIVE & ONLINE with less than 10 students per class to enhance attention and improve interactive learning outcomes for each child. Admissions are open for Grade 1 to Grade 4 for the academic year 2020-21. 

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Share your knowledge & skills with the world! fosters a teaching-learning environment online. We believe that knowledge has no boundaries. Learn and teach:anything, anywhere, and anytime! Trainers/teachers/gurus have the opportunity to deliver curated courses with recorded videos and pure original content or deliver raw knowledge in live sessions. We believe that real learning is best in an interactive environment & we vouch for LIVE CLASSES.

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CCNA Enterprise Infrastructure: Certification training delivered by Internetworkz: LOCKDOWN OFFER

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